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Course Objectives

• Play the basic scale of Indian Music and alankaars (progressions) on Harmonium / Keyboard
• Learn the correct finger movement technique
• Play compositions (chant or bhajan) composed in different ragas
• Play Chants and Bhajans on Harmonium / Keyboard
• Learn the concept of taals and play the compositions with a taal played on tabla
• Learn basic concepts, notation system, and historical background of Indian Music


•$145 / Month for 4 Classes in a Group

•$205 / Month for 4 Classes one on one

Harmonium / Keyboard


•Sharmila Mathur has a Masters in Music from the University of Rajasthan, click here to read her journey

A harmonium or reed organ is a wind instrument in which one hand is used to pump air and the other to play notes in a configuration identical to a modern piano. It creates a dynamic sound that creates the basis for melody mainly in ghazals, bhajans and sufi music.​

Instruction Location

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