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Course Objectives

• Sit and play different bols (syllables) on Tabla with the correct posture and hand movements
• Tune Tabla with a Guitar tuner available in music stores or on smartphones (free application)
• Understand tonal qualities and structure of the instrument
• Play a taal, toda, qaida, rela and tihai on Tabla

• Learn accompaniment to play Tabla with Voice and other instrumentalists like Sitar, Flute, Violin 
• Learn basic concepts, notation system, and historical background of Indian Music 

• Participate and showcase your learning in different performances  



•$145 / Month for 4 Classes in a Group

•$205 / Month for 4 Classes one on one


Instruction Location


•Tablas are available for $20 per month

A talented and experienced multi-instrumentalist. Click here to read about his journey.

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Tabla is a unique percussion instrument that produces a wide range of tonal possibilities and a dynamic sound. It is a set of two drums which is tuned to the same key with which it accompanies.​

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