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Course Objectives

• Sing the basic scale of Indian Music and alankaars (progressions)
• Learn the technique of voice modulation to improve the tonal quality and expand your vocal range
• Sing different genres of singing like chants, bhajans, bollywood songs, chhota khayals, sufi songs based on a raga with alaap and taans
• Learn the concept of taals and play the composition with a taal played on tabla
• Learn basic concepts, notation system, and historical background of Indian Music

• Participate and showcase your learning in different performances  



The advanced vocal instructor at the Indian Music Academy, click here to see her musical journey

A passionate PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta. Click here to read about his musical journey.

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Instruction Location


•$145 / Month for 4 Classes in a Group

•$205 / Month for 4 Classes one on one

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