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Course Objectives

• Sit and hold the Sitar with the correct posture
• Play alankaars (progressions) specific to the correct movement of the right and left hand
• Play composition and taans in ragas with various ornamentations
• Learn and understand the concept of rhythm to play different ragas with various taals
• Tune Sitar with a Guitar tuner available in music stores or on smartphones (free application)
• Understand the tonal qualities and structure of the instrument
• Learn basic concepts, notation system, and history of Indian Music
• The course continues to advance the students knowledge and technique in playing more complex ragas, dhuns and songs.

• Participate and showcase your learning in different performances



•$145 / Month for 4 Classes in a Group

•$205 / Month for 4 Classes one on one


Sharmila Mathur has a Masters in Music from the University of Rajasthan. Click here to read her journey

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• Sitars are available for rent $20 per month

• Professional quality sitars are available for sale

Instruction Location

Sitar is a South Asian string instrument that is known for it's melodic sound enhanced by it's sympathetic strings that vibrate as it is played as well as due to it's natural soundbox.

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